🌞 Summer of RA!

It’s time, NFT curators + fans. RARA’s Social Curation Protocol for NFTs is launching on Saturday, July 23rd with the Summer of RA!, an exclusive alpha for our most loyal community members. Welcome friends to the 🌞 Summer of RA!

Summer of RA! x Launching July 23rd, 2022
Summer of RA! x Launching July 23rd, 2022

Genesis Curation Launch Party. Saturday, July 23rd at 11:30AM ET

Location. RARA’s discord (RARA.house).

RSVP for text message reminder here.

Member Passes. Keep reading to learn about the launch and how to get your Curator or Fan pass to gain access.

🌞 Summer of RA!

WHAT. Launch for RARA’s Social Curation Protocol. During the Summer of RA!, holders of Summer of RA! NFTs and other RARA NFTs and tokens will have early access to curate and react to NFTs in the protocol - an early mover advantage to curation token upside and proof that your NFT taste is legit.

WHEN. Launching Saturday, July 23rd, at 11:30AM Eastern Time (3:30pm GMT)

WHERE. The Genesis Curation Party in RARA’s discord (RARA.house)

  • 11:30AM ET - NFT Giveaways + Music by MAiWORLD
  • Noon ET - Genesis curations with guest curators (BlockchainBrett, Buddha0x, and RARA’s Curators in Residence). After the guest curators, all NFT holders with Curator access will be given the opportunity to curate their “First NFT Love”.
  • After Party - Music by MAiWORLD

Join the party to be first to react and comment on-chain to the curated NFTs.

Early Access for Friends

During the launch, exclusive early access to curating the most popular NFTs will be limited to friends of RARA - holders of RARA NFTs and tokens. The goal? Curate with friends.

Access to the launch is broken down between two groups:

  • Curators with Start Curation permissions (in addition to Fan permissions)
  • Fans with React and Comment permissions

🍦 Curator Passes

Start Curation is the most exclusive permission in the app with the most alpha potential, as well. As the only accounts able to start a curation, Curators have the highest upside potential in terms of curation tokens, they also happen to be RARA taste leaders.

🌞 Summer of RA! 🍦 Curator NFT passes
🌞 Summer of RA! 🍦 Curator NFT passes

RARA’s protocol is powered by reactions, the Web3 equivalent of a like, emoji, or meme. For as little as 1 $USDC (cost of a reaction), anyone can add a reaction to an NFT and get curation tokens in return. Curators are the first accounts to react and get curation tokens for NFTs. As more reactions and comments are added, the value of all of the NFT’s curation tokens increases.

The following NFTs will grant access as Curators to Start Curation:

  • 🍦 Curator NFTs (link). These special edition Summer of RA! NFT passes were airdropped to the holders noted below.
  • Genesis NFTs. Holders of the Genesis GM, Genesis Curator, or Genesis Fan NFTs from the NFT RA!CE.
  • Curator POAP Holders. NFT RA!CE accounts who earned Curator POAPs.

Additionally, we are releasing 3 Summer of RA! 🌞 Genesis Curation Party NFTs that give the holders the right to curate one of the genesis NFT curations at our launch party, Saturday, July 23rd.

🕶 Fan Passes

React and Comment power social curation. As on-chain commentary, reactions and optional comments drive the conversation around the most popular NFTs. What NFTs are funny? What new pixel art NFTs are worth paying attention to? Which NFTs are driving the culture forward?

🌞 Summer of RA! 🕶 Fan NFT passes
🌞 Summer of RA! 🕶 Fan NFT passes

The following holders will have access as a Fan to React and Comment:

  • 🕶 Fan NFTs (link). These special edition Summer of RA! NFT passes were airdropped to all remaining RARA NFT holders.
  • All other RARA NFT Holders. All other holders of NFTs from the RARA Social x Archives.
  • $RA! Token Holders. Holders of $RA! tokens from the NFT RA!CE.

Creators + Collectors

RARA’s community will grow as reactions are used and NFTs are curated, too! How? NFT creators and collectors earn money from reactions and curations.

  • Reactions. Creators and collectors of NFTs registered as reactions in the Genesis Reaction Registry will gain access to React and Curate.
  • Curated NFTs. Creators and collectors of NFTs curated into the protocol will also gain access to React and Curate.

To learn more about Who Earns with RARA, read this post.

That’s it, fam. Get your sunscreen. The 🌞 Summer of RA! is about to begin.

#curatewithfriends #curatewithfrens

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Join our community on discord at RARA.house.

P.S. You need $USDC on Polygon to purchase reactions and $MATIC for transaction fees.

  • ETH to MATIC. Bridge and swap ETH for MATIC in one transaction with Hashflow.


  • Get $USDC on Polygon. Swap MATIC or other tokens for $USDC on Uniswap. Switch your wallet to Polygon (Link).

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