Gm squad,

Today is announcing a new game designed with one mission in mind: discovering the best NFTs by making likes 👍 and hearts ♥️ valuable.

Stated differently for the Web3 aficionados among us, RARA seeks to decentralize curation of NFTs through a like-to-earn protocol.

Inspired by Mirror's $WRITE Race, we are calling it the NFT RA!CE.

LFG? Enter the NFT RA!CE here. Want to know more? Keep reading.

How the NFT RA!CE works

The NFT RA!CE is a daily like-to-earn competition to discover the best NFTs according to fans, not price. Starting this Wednesday (12.01.2021) at Noon EST (UTC-05:00), NFTs will compete for the esteemed title of “Fan Favorite”.

Like NFTs. Earn Crypto.

To incentivize discovery, we created $RA! tokens, a Web3 crypto replacement for Facebook’s likes and Twitter’s hearts.

Like an NFT? Hit the $RA! to invest in the virality of NFTs in the RA!CE. Earn more $RA! based on how early you invested in each NFT relative to other fans.

Pronounced "Rah!", hit the RA! button to like one or more NFTs in the RA!CE. Really love an NFT? Rapid tap RA! RA! RA! RA!.
Pronounced "Rah!", hit the RA! button to like one or more NFTs in the RA!CE. Really love an NFT? Rapid tap RA! RA! RA! RA!.

“We created $RA! to make NFT investing more accessible for fans. You no longer need a ton of ETH to invest in an NFT. With $RA! you can invest in the upside of an NFT without ever owning it.” Lawson Baker, founder of RARA.

At the end of each RA!CE, we’ll update the Merkel tree so all $RA! balances can be verified on-chain. We plan to fully decentralize our like-to-earn curation protocol in Spring 2022. View $RA! on Etherscan.

Curating NFTs for the RA!CE

Twenty of the best NFT curators each received a Genesis Curator 🤌 NFT granting the owner the exclusive right to curate an NFT in the RA!CE launch.

To enter NFTs into the RA!CE, curators invest 25 $RA! in NFTs that they believe fans will love with a simple message - why this NFT is cool.

The #1 Rule for Curators. No curating NFTs you own.*

*While RARA acknowledges we could block NFTs held a curator’s wallet, wallets are disposable and it's impractical to try to enforce this rule. As a result, this rule is for the community to adopt and self-regulate.

A curator can, however, ask another curator to enter an NFT they own. The risk? Their $TASTE 🤌 reputation score. Every $RA! investment in an NFT puts your $TASTE 🤌 reputation on the line. Are you a follower of TASTE or a TASTE leader? But more on that in a future post.

Enter the NFT RA!CE now at

The Top 3 NFTs of each RA!CE will gain access to the RA!CE Gallery, an exclusive showcase of the most prized NFTs, money makers, loved by fans.

While the RA!CE Gallery in the app is still in development, we all know NFTs cannot be contained. Expect to see the RA!CE Gallery exhibited throughout the NFT metaverse.

Genesis NFT RA!CE NFTs

To celebrate the NFT RA!CE launch, we created a genesis collection of collectibles: 3 Genesis Gm NFTs, 30 Genesis Curator NFTs, and 300 Genesis Fan NFTs. Each NFT comes with special permissions inside of the NFT RA!CE.

Design by sgt_slaughtermelon

Music by FRQ NCY

MP4 // 1424x1424

If you purchased one of the Genesis NFTs, DM @RARA_social on twitter to claim your benefits. Bonus $RA! may only be claimed once.

Genesis Gm NFTs

The Gm NFT is the rarest of the Genesis NFTs. "Gm" is the universal greeting for Internet communities. This NFT represents the relationship between fans, curators and artists, and the beginning of something new, RARA's NFT RA!CE.

Only 1 of the 3 Genesis Gm NFTs is for sale as 1 was gifted to a RARA community member (Zac Kenny) and 1 was gifted to a RARA team member (MetaMick), two people who we feel truly embody “Gm”.

The Genesis Gm NFT grants the holder:

  • Ability to curate one NFT for the launch of RARA's NFT RA!CE along side the Genesis Curator NFT holders;
  • Exclusive access to #Curators-Club chat for curators only;
  • Access to #NFT-RACE chat with Genesis Fan holders;
  • 2500 bonus $RA!; and
  • All of the same benefits as the Genesis Curator and Genesis Fan NFTs.

Genesis Curator 🤌 NFTs

For the art curators amongst us, 10 Genesis Curator NFTs are available for sale. A Genesis Curator NFT grants the holder exclusive access to curate an NFT each day of the RA!CE. Without this NFT, you must build up your TASTE reputation score to be granted curator permissions.

The Genesis Curator NFT grants the holders:

  • Exclusive ability to curate one NFT at launch of RARA's NFT RA!CE;
  • Exclusive access to #Curators-Club chat for curators only;
  • Access to #NFT-RACE chat with Genesis Fan holders;
  • 1337 bonus $RA!; and
  • all of the same benefits as the Genesis Fan NFTs.

Genesis Fan NFTs

The Genesis Fan NFT is for the broader community of art lovers. This collectible NFT grants the holder access to the #NFT-RACE chat with all the curators in our discord server and app.

Genesis Fan NFT 🪂 Airdrop. Of the 300 Genesis Fan NFTs, approximately 45% are for sale and 55% are being airdropped on current RARA users.

  • Airdrop Eligibility Criteria. Alpha RA or Beta RA!CE User who either (a) is a top 100 earner of $RA! or (b) is a top 100 spender of $RA!
  • Claim your NFT. Click here to check your address eligibility and claim your NFT. Not eligible? Buy an NFT below.

This Genesis Fan NFT grants the holders:

  • Access to #NFT-RACE chat with all Genesis Gm and Genesis Curator NFT holders in the app and RARA’s discord server; and
  • 250 bonus $RA!.

What’s next?

Today $RA! are used to invest in NFTs you like in the RA!CE. In the future, $RA! will give holders governance rights over our protocol.

The NFT RA!CE is just the beginning of a like-to-earn ecosystem. There are many dimensions to curation (upvote/downvote, tagging metadata, and more reaction types). While $RA! are the first reaction for RARA, our protocol will enable any NFT to become a reaction for curation (Coming Spring 2022).

LFG! Let's RA!CE.

That's the big idea of like-to-earn curation. We hope you enjoy it. Connect your wallet and verify your Twitter to earn your first 100 $RA! at

RARA reserves the right to change the NFT RA!CE mechanics or your earnings and permissions including revoke $RA! earnings if we believe a user's activity is automated by a bot or is otherwise abusing the spirit of the NFT RA!CE. For more information, view the terms at

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