Let's Curate! 🫂 Friends
RARA | The Social Curation Protocol
September 23rd, 2022

Summer is over, but friends are forever. After two months of our private alpha for RARA NFT holders (The 🌞 Summer of RA!), it’s time to open our social curation protocol to more friends. Welcome to the next phase - Let’s Curate! 🫂 Friends.

🫂 Friends of RARA

Starting today, anyone can become a 🫂 Friend of RARA to access on-chain reactions and comments for curated NFTs.

Simply connect your wallet to app.rara.social, add your Twitter handle, and tweet the signed message to become a 🫂 Friend.

RARA Memberships

Membership to RARA’s app are now broken down into holders of NFTs (Curators and Fans), and non-NFT holders (Friends of RARA).


CuratorsStart Curation with a React, Comment, and Tag

  • Holders of Genesis NFTs (Genesis GM, Genesis 🤌 Curator, and Genesis 📣 Fan)

  • Holders of Summer of RA! 🍦 Curators NFTs

Fans + FriendsReact, Comment, and (NEW!) Tag

  • Holders of Summer of RA! 🕶 Fans NFTs

  • (NEW) Friends of RARA

Curators have the distinct privilege of adding NFTs to RARA’s protocol via Start Curation. As RARA taste leaders, Curators control RARA’s front page, exhibits, and the curation conversations. Curators have the most upside potential in terms of curation tokens, as the value of the tokens increase when others react and comment on the curated NFT. Read more about Who Earns with RARA.

Fans and Friends can join any curation with React, Comment, and Tags. Reactions are NFT-backed emojis powering RARA’s social curation protocol.

"MARRY ME" reaction by Debbie Tea.
"MARRY ME" reaction by Debbie Tea.

When sending a reaction, an optional comment (“LFG!” or “First!”) can be added like a reply tweet. Finally, starting now, Fans and Friends can add Tags to any curated NFT to place the NFT in our community exhibits.

Let’s Curate!

Speaking of exhibits, the daily “Let’s Curate” prompts in Discord are now featured in the app!

View for Curators for a Let's Curate exhibit.
View for Curators for a Let's Curate exhibit.

"Let's Curate" is a simple, yet powerful call-to-action for RARA's community of curators. Everyday we curate NFTs together into one exhibit - previously impossible without an open, permissionless curation protocol.

The metagame of curation is brought to life by surfacing all NFTs tagged to an exhibit. Fans rally around a single curated NFT with reactions and comments while exhibits bring all the curations together.

As more NFTs are added to RARA’s social curations protocol, trends start to appear and rich exhibits are born. As an example, curators have added NFTs to the gm exhibit every Monday for almost six weeks now. Let's Curate! exhibit prompts do the hard work of encouraging deeper exploration of both new and old NFTs that best represent the communal ritual of Gm.

What’s Next?

You may have noticed the Summer vibes are gone from the app as we build up the permanent brand of RARA. Beyond branding, we are focusing all of our energy on improving the core of RARA’s protocol - reactions and curation tokens.

We are making the reaction selector easier to use, not just for our app but for other builders too by ensuring that reactions look cool af at all times, and by improving search for reaction functionality. Finally, we are thinking deeply about how we can improve accessibility of reactions and curation tokens as it’s not always about the money. But more on that next time.

That’s it, friends. We’re excited to expand the friend group. Invite your friends and maybe even you frenemies (if they’ve got good taste) to join the curation conversation on chain at app.rara.social.

Follow us on Twitter @rara_social.

Sign up for electronic mail updates at RARA.social.

Join our community on Discord at RARA.house.

View tutotiarials or community calls on YouTube.

Weekly Events

  • Thursdays at 9PM ET - Let’s Curate! (Twitter Space)

  • Fridays at Noon ET - General Admissions x Community Call (Discord)

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