The (Global) NFT RA!CE
February 1st, 2022

Gm, good morning, おはようございます, 早晨好, and Happy Lunar New Year 农历新年快乐 friends.

The NFT RA!CE is going global. Starting at midnight tonight (12:00 AM on 02.02.2022), we’ll host two RA!CE exhibits at Midnight and Noon EST each RA!CE day.

The goal? Make RA!CE exhibits more accessible to our Japanese, Chinese, and community across the world.

New NFT RA!CE times. 12am-4am EST / 2-6pm JST - Wednesday-Friday.

Want to Enter the RA!CE? Go to

Want to learn why we made the change and what’s next? Keep reading.

Two months ago, we announced the NFT RA!CE to start the conversation on decentralizing curation of NFTs through a like-to-earn protocol.

With 20+ RACEs down, it’s clear that enthusiast from all over the world are invested in curating NFTs, according to fans, not price.

Global Signs

It started with Genesis Curator NFT sales. We launched NFT RA!CE selling Genesis NFTs for a variety of community roles, the most important being Genesis Curators.

We gave the holders of the 30 Genesis Curator NFTs control over our front page and what NFTs every user in our app will see. A few days into the RA!CE the final Genesis Curator NFTs were purchased by a number of 🇯🇵 Japanese collectors.

Honestly, this caught us by surprise given the NFT RA!CE ran 2-6AM Japan Standard Time. Then, their NFT curations started winning and sometimes winning big.

It was not long before we had a budding community in the # 🇯🇵-Japan and #🇨🇳-China channels in RARA’s server.

Problems are Opportunities.

But, there were problems. The start time of the NFT RA!CE puts a focus our like-to-earn curation protocol mechanics. Specifically, the incentives to invest $RA! tokens to curate an NFT later in the RA!CE dwindles as time passes.

The result? The RA!CE times disadvantaged people waking up early in Asia to invest in the end of the RA!CE. They were losing money.

While a number of community members suggested extending RA!CE times to have one global NFT RA!CE, it did not address the primary incentives problem - one side of the world would always be disadvantaged.

The solution was to lean into our plan to enable curating of NFTs 24/7/365 by decentralizing our protocol.

Step 1? Add NFT RA!CEs that fits directly in Asia waking hours.

New Times. Two RA!CEs each Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 12:00-4:00 AM EST / 2:00-6:00 PM JST and Noon - 12:00-4:00 AM EST / 2:00-6:00 AM JST

Step 2? Release a “Discovery” for investing in curating NFTs at any time (Coming March 2022).

Step 3? Decentralize our protocol (Coming April 2022).

Seeding a Community

Referring Curators. To seed our Asian community with more curators, we gave active community members a special edition “Global NFT RA!CE” POAP and asked them to refer their friend with the best taste in NFTs.

Special Thanks

To celebrate going global, we are dropping 1000 $RA! tokens on everyone who curated in January and 100 $RA on everyone else who played the NFT RA!CE in January.

A special thanks to the following people were instrumental in making these changes:

  1. shingen_crypto
  2. robek_world
  3. WakiyamaP
  4. piprycto
  5. etsuranpazz
  6. GT_symbol
  7. Architecterrrr
  8. PigThePersona
  9. Yang

P.S. // Collecting Genesis Fan NFTs

As of writing, there are still Genesis Fan NFTs that come with a number of published benefits and a bunch more undisclosed ;) benefits coming soon. Collect one now.

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