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Pausing the NFT RA!CE
March 4th, 2022

Gm Squad, on December 1st, 2021, we launched the NFT RA!CE to write the first chapter of decentralized curation of NFTs.

In this chapter, we asked the community whether the price of NFTs or ownership of NFT are required for curation? Fifty-two NFT RA!CE’s and three months into the story and RARA’s curator and fans answered simply: No.

Curation tells stories about NFTs and the artists that created them. Curation is about caring for an NFT by giving it context.

What worked and what needs work.

The NFT RA!CE is really good at discovery. Skeptics thought that only CryptoPunks and other popular NFTs would win. But, popular NFTs did not win.

Artists pushing the boundaries won.

NFTs with impactful stories won.

Curation was happening. Curators gave us context. And, fans rewarded them. View the winner’s here and visit the NFT RA!CE gallery in Cryptovoxels at

Regardless of winning, curations lead to new fans and followers for artists. And, it definitely led to NFT sales too.

Collin.eth thanking Kanyinsola, a RA!CE curator, for curating myArt.eth's "Glitch" NFT.
Collin.eth thanking Kanyinsola, a RA!CE curator, for curating myArt.eth's "Glitch" NFT.

The NFT RA!CE was really good at discovery because of the like-to-earn mechanics being tested by the RARA’s team for our upcoming protocol release. However, the incentives overwhelmed the start of the RA!CE. Fans who invested $RA! tokens in curations later in the RA!CE really didn’t have much of a chance. In short, it was a 5 minute sprint rather a ~4 hour marathon.

On a practical note, we learned how important it is to make sure the NFTs always look beautiful - a harder task than it seems when trying to support different NFT platforms and media types.

Finally, we saw our community talking about curating ALL THE TIME, 24/7/365. It’s time to open up curation of NFTs.

Open curation and the next chapter.

Earlier this week, RARA’a founder, Lawson Baker, published an article about the Web3 Curation Landscape.

Highlighting the amazing collectors and curators, the galleries and curation tools that support them, the goal was to highlight the rise of the Web3 curation protocols that will finally pay for curation.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be opening up what we’ve been working on behind the scenes in the first two month of 2022 - a dope 🤌 new app and a decentralized curation protocol.

In short, it’s time to open up curation to all.

Thank you.

The human to human love we feel every week with our community of fans and curators is real. From our wildly active Japanese community to the intimate conversations we’ve had with curators, it’s been special and we thank you for it.

You care enough to tell us what you love and what is not working. It's our responsibility to imbue those values into the protocol and the next chapter for NFTs.


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Learn more about the Web3 curation landscape below.

P.S. The app will stay live for fans and curators to see all of their curations prior to app reboot. All $RA! tokens will remain with wallets.

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