The RA! Awards x 2022 NFTs of the Year

We are excited to announce The RA! Awards x 2022 NFTs of the Year according to fans, not price.

As the second annual RA! Awards, this is the first time voting will be completely on-chain with the Polygon network.

Nominate an NFT with the newest feature for our Social Curation Protocol - free RA! Like Tokens - a curator’s digital memory. That’s right. Curating with RARA is now free. Just pay gas!

Welcome curators to The RA! Awards.

Start a Curation to nominate your favorite NFTs of the year at

The RA! Awards

The RA! Awards is an Internet-first awards ceremony for the best NFTs of the year according to the fans, not price. In 2021, we held the first ever RA! Awards in the NFT RA!CE, the precursor app to our social curation protocol.

The goal of the RA! Awards is to create an NFT award ceremony that is open to anyone with a wallet and access to the Internet. As a counterbalance to the high costs of NFT ownership and attending IRL events, the RA! Awards show the power of the crowd through open, permissionless, and free curation of NFTs.

Award Exhibit Tags

Starting today, anyone can nominate for the awards by curating an NFT with RARA’s decentralized tag feature for these “best of” exhibits:

  • AI

  • Art

  • Generative

  • Meme

  • Metaverse

  • Music

  • PFP

  • Photography

The NFT curated by the most curator wallets wins. Curations will be filtered by NFTs minted in 2022. The winners of each category will compete for NFT of the Year. See “Voting for The RA! Awards” below for more details.

Additional RA! Awards will be given to the:

  • NFT of the Year.

  • Reaction of the Year.

  • Curator of the Year.


Today. Nominations and early voting go live
January 16-22nd. Final week of voting
January 23, 2023. Award ceremony in an NFT metaverse (TBA)

The RA! Award NFT

Each winner will receive a trophy NFT pictured in this commemorative edition poster.


This year’s trophy is modeled on the RARA’s founder’s metaverse avatar found in the 2021 RA! Awards poster. The 2021 poster referenced a metaverse three layers deep with a nod to MTV’s Moonman, as well. This year we add a fourth dimension - the blockchain - recognizing curation for the awards is now on-chain.

How RARA Works

Curate to Nominate. Starting today anyone can nominate an NFT at for free. Just pay gas. RA! Award curating the NFT with the award exhibit tag.

  1. Connect. Connect your wallet on the Polygon network, then sign the message.

  2. Verify. If you do not hold a RARA NFT, verify your Twitter account to gain access.

  3. Start Curation. Paste an NFT URL or Contract Address and Token ID for any Ethereum or Polygon NFT.

  4. Add Award Exhibit Tag. Add the tag for the award exhibit of your choice. For example, AI nominations should include the ai exhibit tag. Note: RA! Award Exhibits will be filtered by tag AND the NFTs mint date (2022 NFTs only). Any repeat nominations go towards voting.

  5. Comment & React. Add a comment telling everyone about your nomination, and finally select a reaction.

  6. Minting RA! Like Tokens. For each curated NFT, curators will mint a free RA! Like Token - our newest protocol feature. RA! Like Tokens are digital keepsakes generated by each of your curations (kind of like a POAP or other Soulbound tokens). Each RA! Like Token includes the curated NFT, your reaction, comment, and tag.

The earlier you curate an NFT, the lower your TokenID (proof of taste) you will receive - Holders of low TokenID for RA! Like Token may be eligible to claim more $RARA tokens when released. The more RA! Like Tokens you collect, the more $RARA tokens you may claim. Token claim details subject to change when announced - coming 🔜 ;)

Sample Like Token for Doge, The RA! Awards x 2021 NFT of the Year, originally curated by @RobynMarieHill for Best NFT Collected by a DAO.
Sample Like Token for Doge, The RA! Awards x 2021 NFT of the Year, originally curated by @RobynMarieHill for Best NFT Collected by a DAO.

Voting for the RA! Awards

What makes the best NFTs according to fans, not price? For The RA! Awards, we believe it’s the NFT with the most curators (aka: most fans).

Most Curators. The NFT with the most curators means the NFT with the most unique, verified user wallets who react, comment, or tag an NFT. Verified wallets includes wallets holding a RARA NFT or who verified their twitter account on Users may vote for more than one NFT for each award tag.

Reaction of the Year. The reaction used by the most curators.

Curator of the Year. The Curator whose curated NFTs received the reactions (including comments and tags) by other curators.

That’s it, curators. Nominate your favorite NFTs of 2022 today through January 23, 2023 at

Follow us on Twitter @rara_social. Sign up for electronic mail updates at Join our community on Discord at View tutorials and community calls on YouTube.

Friday at Noon ET. General Admissions x Weekly Community Call (Twitter Space)

P.S. Curation tokens & royalties are paused in app. To ensure the RA! Awards are truly open to anyone with access to the Internet and a wallet, we are pausing incentivized curation. This means minting of Curation Tokens and additional Royalties for curation and reactions are paused in the app. We are redesigning curation incentives and how royalties work in the Spring of 2023. Users holding Curation Tokens or claimable Royalties, should redeem and withdraw by January 31, 2023.

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