RARA is joining MASK!

The team behind RARA, the social curation protocol, is excited to announce we are joining Mask. As part of the 100+ builders in Mask’s Web3 ecosystem, the team will continue building apps and developer tools for RARA.

Read the Press Release.

About Mask

Founded in 2017, Mask aims to build an easy-to-use bridge from Web 2.0 to the Web 3.0-era decentralized apps. In 2019, the Mask browser extension gave Twitter users access to secure, decentralized social messaging, payment networks, file storage, rich token and NFT metadata and trading, and other Web3 tools.

Today, Mask is a contributor and investor across decentralized social networks including being one of the earliest community members of the Bluesky protocol founded by Jack Dorsey and the maintainer of the most active instances of Mastodon (Pawoo). With funding of US$100 million, Mask strategically invests in decentralized social networks like Lens and Web3 social tooling like RSS3’s Unified Metadata Schemas for social feeds.

Finally, the Mask global team is building for everyone in the Web3 ecosystem including the Mask extension for desktop, Firefly mobile app, developer tooling like NextID, and now protocols like RARA.

Learn more at mask.io.

Future of RARA

With the support of MASK, RARA will continue building for the future of open, permissionless curation of NFTs.

Firefly & Upcoming Integrations. A number of Web3 social apps and protocols are in the process of integrating RARA.

First up, RARA is being integrated into Mask’s newest mobile app, Firefly. Firefly is a social app that seeks to create a diversified social stream by bringing together both Web2 & Web3 platforms. Users can view content from Twitter, Lens, Farcaster, Mirror, and Snapshot, all on the Firefly app. With the integration of RARA, people will be able to comment and engage with NFTs in the feed just like a twitter or instagram post.

Outside of the Mask ecosystem, RSS3 and a number of other web3 protocols and app integrations will be announced soon!

APIs & Developer Tools. The team will use the Firefly integration to build out developer APIs to provide users a Web2-like experience with signature delegation to a dispatcher and paying gas for users, features recently added to the protocol in the v2.0 release.

Additional APIs for generating RA! like tokens (soulbound proof of curations and digital memories for people), and querying RARA for comments and engagement on NFTs in RARA’s social curation graph will be made public, as well.

App & Future Features. RARA’s app for building community exhibits and registering NFTs as RARA reactions will continue to be the testing ground for new protocol features and ideas on how RARA and the MASK ecosystem can power a better Internet with Web3.

That’s it, friends. Thanks for all of your support so far. It’s early. RARA and Mask are going to do big things together. It’s time to get loud, real loud RA. RA!

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Join our community on Discord at RARA.house.

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